Horses are helpers…

These gentle giants give more then just rides, they build confidence.

Building Mobility!

Equine Assisted Services (EAS), provides a variety of physical benefits. Our “Equine Partners” play a large role in seeing our mission fulfilled; their natural movement provides physical benefits as their gait is the same as ours. This aids in helping individuals gain core strength, coordination, balance and improved motor function. They provide immediate physical response which aids in confidence, patience, improved communication and language skills. 

Many ways YOU can help!

Like keeping the horses in hay.

Or sponsor a student so that they may experience
the gift of Equine Assisted Services at
Dream Catcher Therapeutic Riding Center.

Helping and healing go together.

It’s a compliment to be called short and chubby.

Said a pony

Our Mission

Empowering those with physical, emotional and developmental challenges to improve their lives, discover their abilities and “StirrUp” hope through equine assisted services.

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