Meet Our Horses


DCT horse: Libby

Libby is owned by DCT, she has been with the program for several years. She is a AGE -year-old Norwegian Fjord and stands Height hands tall. Libby is loved for her gentle disposition, her super cool mane, and her loving nature. She also loves to “give hugs” to her riders and check in on them after they dismount as she will turn her head and look at her rider. She is being sponsored by Susan Matteson.



DCT horse: Wynn

Wynn is owned by Morgan Matteson, and has been with the program for a year. She is a 12-year-old Gypsy Cob cross and stands 14.2 hands tall. Wynn is gentle, sensitive and patient with her students. She loves to take her rider for a smooth jog around the arena, is great at teaching balance and gives great sensory input. She is a wonderful addition to the program. Wynn is patiently waiting for a sponsor.



DCT horse: Hodge

Hodge is owned by Doreen Matteson, and has been with the program for a year. He is a 7-year-old cross (four different breeds!), who stands 15.2 hands tall. He is an easy going guy and loves attention. Hodge is a good challenge for our independent riders. Hodge is waiting to be sponsored.



DCT horse: BreezyBreezy is our newest addition and is currently on trial. She is owned by Tessa Irvine. She is a 5-year-old Welsh Pony who stands height hands tall. She is curious and friendly to all she meets. Our students are already asking when “she can be their horse to ride.” We think that she will be a wonderful addition and look forward to seeing her pass all of the “therapy horse to be” tests with flying colors! Breezy will search for a sponsor after she is officially part of the herd.



DCT horse: Mr. GigglesMr. Giggles is owned by DCT. He is a 17-year-old Miniature Horse who only stands height hands tall. He is a favorite with both young and old. He loves attention and to be pet. He has been known to appear at birthday parties where he patiently stands for children to brush, pet and love on him. He also loves gummy bears. Mr. Giggles is waiting for a sponsor.



DCT horse: CinnamonCinnamon is owned by DCT. She is an 18-year-old Miniature horse who only stands height hands tall. She is the older sister to Mr. Giggles. She has a sassy attitude, but has a sweet side too. She is known for standing in the office and helping to eat a tasty salad. Cinnamon is trained to drive a cart and is patiently waiting to help drag the arena. She is also waiting for a sponsor.



Thank you Smiley for your service! Smiley was owned by DCT and was loved for her “Smile” that she would produce for students. She was slow and gentle with our most timid riders, as she would use great care to not scare them. Smiley decided that it was time to retire in the fall of 2017, and we respected her decision. DCT would like to thank Rebecca Adams for providing a safe and happy place for Smiley to spend her retirement.

We will also miss Sweet Raven. He came to us from Montana, where we were hoping he would work into our program. He was loved by many who enjoyed spending time with him and brushing him. He was retired in the fall due to unforeseen pain that DCT decided we could not manage. We want to thank you Rebecca Adams for providing a safe and happy place for him to retire.