Meet Our Horses


DCT horse: Libby

Libby is owned by DCT, she has been with the program for many years. She is a 23-year-old Norwegian Fjord and stands 14.2 hands high. Libby is loved for her gentle disposition, her super cool mane, and her loving nature. Libby is patient and takes such good care of some of our most fragile and timid riders, yet works hard to “teach” independent riders how to be patient and strong with their leg. She also loves to “give hugs” to her riders and check in on them after they dismount as she will turn her head and look at her rider. She is being sponsored by Susan Matteson.

WynThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is dsc_0006-2-2.jpgn is owned by Morgan Matteson. She is a 15-year-old Gypsy Cob/ Haflinger cross and stands 14.2 hands high. Wynn is gentle, sensitive and patient with her students. She loves to take her rider for a smooth jog around the arena, is great at teaching balance and gives great sensory input. Wynn is ridden by many of our horse crazy independent riders, she enjoys cantering out in our field and taking small jumps (intentionally) with her riders. She is a wonderful addition to the program. Wynn is patiently waiting for a sponsor.

HodgThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20170825_181349-1.jpge is owned by Doreen Matteson. He is a 10-year-old cross of four different breeds! (Gypsy Cob, Thoroughbred, Haflinger, and Quarter Horse) He stands 15.2 hands high. He is an easy going guy and loves attention. Hodge is good for our adults, and teenagers, but is also great for some of our littlest riders. He loves to be led around with very little asked of him the most.  Hodge is being sponsored by the “Giving Tuesday” Fundraiser we held in November and December of 2020. He has a team of  26 individuals who were excited to participate and help out.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is dsc_0568-1.jpgBreezy May is owned by DCTRC. She is an 8-year-old Welsh Pony who stands 12 hands high. She is curious and friendly to all she meets. Some of our small students who are timid of the bigger horses enjoy riding her, as well as many of our “grade school aged” students who like a good challenge, as she is honest and often makes them work for it. Breezy is a “typical” red-head. She has been a wonderful addition to our program since she joined in 2018. Breezy is sponsored by Richard Matteson.

DCT horse: Mr. GigglesMr. Giggles is owned by DCTRC. He is a 20-year-old Miniature Horse who only stands 34 inches tall. He is a favorite with both young and old. He loves attention, loves to be pet, and enjoys the occasional treat. He is looking forward to the day when he can go visit nursing homes and long-term resident facilities to do some of his own “therapy” to help encourage the hearts of those he encounters. He patiently stands while being petted, brushed and loved on. He also loves gummy bears and ice cream. Mr. Giggles is waiting for a sponsor.

DCT horse: CinnamonCinnamon is owned by DCTRC. She is a 21-year-old Miniature horse who only stands 32 inches tall. She is the older sister to Mr. Giggles. She likes bossing “little brother” around.  She has a sassy attitude, but has a sweet side too.  Cinnamon also looks forward to the day when she can help with on the ground activities such as being brushed. Cinnamon is trained to drive a cart, though has retired from the job, one day she will help out by dragging the arena.  She is also waiting for a sponsor.

Tom’s the boss of the property and master mouse catcher. He can be found in various places around the property sunbathing and catching a few zz’s. When he wants to be alone, he will often be snoozing in the haystack, though more often than not, when people are around he’s the life of the party! He enjoys watching lessons with the parents as he is often found on the bench getting love from those viewing. Don’t let him fool you, he’s been fed.

Mr. Bear likes hanging out and watching the comings and goings with co-pilot “Owl”. But he really shines at holding stuff. Mr. Bear has held: horse clippers, drinks, toys, sunglasses, and hats. Sometimes he is found holding odd items such as fishing poles, stuffed animals and cobwebs.  

  • That is our crew! They are always willing and eager to meet new friends!
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