Forms for Riders + Volunteers

Student Forms

We have participants who have a variety of challenges, from dealing with loss, individuals with autism, anxiety, Down syndrome, multiple sclerosis, and everything in between. We accept all participants and work to find a good place for them to be with their peers.

A “diagnosis” is not needed to participate in the therapeutic benefits that our horses have to offer. However, if you would learn more about how horses can be beneficial to anyone, click here.

In addition to the “Participant Application”, you need to read through and sign the “Student Information Form”. This document states our ‘rules and guidelines’ for being a student at Dream Catcher Therapeutic Riding Center.

If you have any questions about our safety and riding center policies, please let us know before you start! Once the Participation Application and the Student Information forms have been completed, signed, and submitted, we will contact you to arrange a start-up time. Please use each button to electronically fill out BOTH forms in order to begin with us.

If you need a printed copy of the student information for your records, please let us know. You may use the ‘Contact Us’ form to request one. Applying for our services through the link is safe and secure.


Are you interested in volunteering? There are many ways to help! DCTRC would not be able to offer these life changing experiences for our students without our much needed and valuable volunteers!

Volunteering is fun, and you get to be a part of something much greater by helping to create positive change for the individuals we serve. Many volunteers find this rewarding which then creates positive change in their lives as well!

We hope that you choose to be a part of our team. We need helpers with our horses, as “Horse leaders”, and helpers with our students as “Side Walkers”. If you like being around horses and students, you will find this hands-on volunteer work to be very satisfying and keeps you focused on the moment at hand. The best part is that you do not need ANY experience to participate- we will train you!

If your time is more limited when we hold our classes, there are other ways to help! We always need able arms and dependability with chores, such as feeding and cleaning stalls. Sometimes we have other big projects, such as fundraisers that require skills like promotion, organizing, creativity, and set-up.

Do you have an idea or a way that you would like to help? We would love to hear your ideas too! Please take time to go though our “Volunteer Application” page and read through our “Volunteer Information Form” that covers our safety guidelines when you are volunteering for Dream Catcher TRC.

If you need a printed copy of the volunteer information for your records, please let us know. You may use the ‘Contact Us’ form to request one. Submitting your application through our site is safe and secure.

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